Establishing Our Own Financial Institution

Praise Allah and Honors to his Prophet Noble Drew Ali.

Did you know that establishing our own financial institution to service our members will bring many socio-economic resolutions for Moorish-Americans and we are currently working on manifesting this thought for all of us Moslems. The Proposed Divine Federal Credit Union will serve as a financial institution to teach financial literacy, promote savings, and extend credit to those that share our common associational bond and religion. Now, if your currently using Federal Reserve Notes for any purpose, then imagine the possibility of managing our own financial institution to fulfill this duty for our society. Right now, we simply need random surveys from the potential membership and subscribers to manifest this thought. The National Credit Union Administration is in full support of this industrious act and has gone as far as granting us preliminary approval for the permissible field of membership through the Moorish Science Temple of America since 2016.

Will you complete a survey expressing your support or opposition to the Proposed Divine Federal Credit Union?

Will you become a subscriber?

Is this considered an Industrious Act?

The survey is only 12 questions and can be completed at

Credit Union Survey

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