October 12, 2017

Credit Union Survey

Moorish Science Temple of America No. 14


To the Faithful Members of the Moorish Science Temple of America:
We are working to establish a new federal credit union. We recently received preliminary approval from the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) as to the individuals this new federal credit union would be authorized to serve. Based on NCUA’s preliminary approval, you will be able to join this new federal credit union once we complete the chartering process and NCUA issues us a charter. We believe this new federal credit union will be of great financial benefit to you and your family. It will be established with your specific financial needs in mind. Before we begin developing our business plan and financial projections, we need to better understand what specific financial needs you have and how you might use the credit union. The enclosed survey will assist us with this task. Please voluntarily complete the survey questions below and return it to the address above. If you have questions regarding this letter and survey, or about the new proposed federal credit union, you may contact me using the information above.

Bro. Kenick El, G.S.D.M
Organizer Proposed Divine Federal Credit Union


Welcome to the Divine National Credit Union Survey

Name Email Phone Number
1. Are you interested in joining the Proposed Federal Credit Union within two years of it being opened?
If NO, please answer question 2, and briefly explain why not. Then submit the survey. If YES, please complete questions 2 through 12 and submit the survey.
2. Are you currently a member at a credit union or a customer at a bank?

If yes, please indicate whether you are a member at a Credit Union or a customer at a Bank. If the other box is checked, please explain in the comment box below.

3. Please indicate which of the following products and services are Desired or Necessary for you to join the credit union (use a D for Desired and an N for Necessary).

If any of the “Other” boxes are checked, please explain in the comment box below:

4. Would you be willing to pledge an initial deposit (Into Your Own Account) within the credit union?
If you selected yes, how much would you be willing to deposit? Select initial deposit amount below:
5. Would you be interested in making regular deposits (such as payroll deposit) in the credit union?

If yes, how much would you deposit monthly? Enter regular deposit amount in the comment box below:

If you checked any of the “Savings/Shares” boxes above, please complete the following questions as applicable.

6. Which of the following average balances for each share account would you be able to keep in the credit union?
7. Which of the following average balance for each share certificate term (i.e. maturity date).

If you checked any of the “Loans” boxes in #3, please complete the following question as applicable.
8. If you were to acquire a loan in the next 12 months, which of the following ranges represent the amount you might borrow for each type of loan you are interested in?
9. When transacting credit union business, which of the following ways would you use? Select all that apply. Please tell us in the comment box below, the most preferred way for you to transact your business.

10. Would you be interested in being a volunteer official at the credit union?
11. Please provide your Name, Address, Telephone Number, and E-mail Address if you answered YES to question #10 or would like more information about the proposed federal credit union, including when you can join.
12. Please provide us with any other thoughts or comments you would like to share with us.

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